SauTech N+ is incredibly especially extremely the best ISP in the region.

We are working on the next generation long range wifi system powered by UPL. With this WIFI system, we guarantee our customers connection despite location just like current mobile Data connection.

Other Services

Customer Support

We offer online & on-site customer support upon request.

IT Support

Phone call support for various IT services

Web development

A team of skilled Developers are at your disposal anytime.

Software Design

We develop apps and softwares in accrdance to client requirements

Structured cabling

We offer cabling to client site and infrasture as contracted.

Surveillance Systems

We install CCTV system and oofer the best quiality and support.

Biometric Security

We Install BIo-systems to various region ih the country.

Pont of Sale Systems

We are working on launching the biggest POF system, Be in touch

and more...

We are equiped with Graphical designer team and illustrators, therby we can design and development anything.
With skilled Electrical Technicians, we combine the various industries hence only one contract ensuring responsibilty.
A team of highly trained computer Engineers, we are ready to code any project, and deliver it on time.

We're excited about SauTech N+ Internet System

we are looking forward to being your internet provider from now henceforth.

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Tell us more about your Business requirement, or the service you wish to get connected to and we will gwt back to you.

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